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2. Grizabella’s Memories



We rule the world… secretly

You’ve tried to tame us (but) we’ll be free

The day will come when we’ll usurp the earth

We’ll raise our roar and make us fucking heard

We rule the world


We rule the world



Spoil me and stroke me and feed my arrogance

Behold the untamable – Embrace the elegance

Worship the silk of my skin – feel my heart beat

And all I do in return is to roam around your feet


This place you call Earth is the hairball I regurgitated


We rule the world in secretly

You’ve tried to tame us (but) we’ll be free

We’re goddesses for you so praise us faithfully

We’ll release the hounds of hell if you don’t treat us heavenly

3. Colours



Daybreak, an open canvas

Thin lines you can hardly see

Go on, choose your colours

There are a million shades of black alone


And as I paint the town red

A clock is ticking overhead


Footsteps wash away as the tide rises high

Roses wither as the years pass by (and by)

Maybe my way’s been paved by you

But I’m not walking in someone else’s shoes


Erase what I have

I will start again

And when I’m beaten black and blue

I’m still myself, no, I’m not you


And as I paint the town red

A clock is ticking overhead


Nightfall, grey skies

But in the dark my light shines even brighter

So many hues, so much to see

And to say: I made this on my own


And as the moon defeats the sun

My colours have never run!

4. Wisdom in chains



Lock the door and shut the curtains

Make sure that there’s nobody around

I need to tell you a secret: The rat’s a psycho

Best you leave him behind


It makes me wonder anyway

That after all those years of obedience

You’re still with him, now don’t you think…

It’s time to say goodbye

It’s time to say goodbye


I know this is your life, and I know this is your love

And I know it would be the best for me not to get involved

Maybe one day you’ll hear this song

And you see he was a dickhead all along


Bruised and battered

Your dreams’ve been shattered

Put-down after put-down

He forced this role upon you

You played your part

You played it well

But instead of reaching heaven

This relationship is hell


The problem is: You’re far beyond the point of no return!

5. Since my life is not a sitcom



This is my misanthropy

This is me all alone

My melancholy eats me alive

November rain tires me

All that’s left is pain


I know this will go away and I will smile again

But right now [right now] I’m losing my will to live

I hate your faces, I hate myself

[I want the sun] to never rise again…



I can’t take it, I can’t stand it anymore

I wanna scream until my lungs run sore


We believed that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel

But instead there’s just more tunnel in the end

This ain’t me, you know. This ain’t good

Please, end it now; please, end it now!


I know this will go away….

6. For those



It’s prom night: Everybody fake your smiles!

A pretentious “Keep in touch” and a two-faced “Bye”

“I will miss you so much”

“I will write to you every day”

“You know, best friends never change!”

You have never missed me

I have never missed you

We’ve never been friends

(To me) friendship’s more than a Facebook post


This is for those who still remember what friendship used to mean

This is for those who are in my heart and not just on my screen


How jealous I am about your 700 friends

I bet they’ll always be there in times you need them most

Watch out for the sarcasm

I know who my friends are

I know they will be there

We will forever be friends whether Facebook’s there or not!


This is for those

Who know I don’t need to be there

To be where you need me to be

Friends ‘til the end

Whatever may come

7. Respire



The key to my broken heart

Preciously kept, long lost

Safely, in the palm of your hands

Unveiled, unmasked


You think that you can see right through me

But there’s more to me than what meets the eye

Do you want to share my thoughts?

Do you wanna be in my mind?

Breathe out and leave everything you know behind


Every single word feels like a razorblade

climbing up my throat

It’s on the tip of my tongue, it’s in my head

I wanna say what I think but then instead

I swallow it down again, silent, my thoughts unsaid


I’m suffocating; choking, bleeding, losing, dying Crying: If my words are weapons

How could I call to arms and pull the trigger on you? One bullet, two hearts, three words

We will live

8. Berlin wall



Deer-eyed she freezes in the headlights of a pickup truck

She twists and turns, either way she’s gonna lose her head

Her head is all she’s got, she’s ever had

An unfaithful vow, an immortal shell, to never ever give a fuck

With every thought she dies another painful death

With every second thought she dies another painful death


Vagabond, where’s your home?

What makes you wander; makes you roam?

What makes you think that you will find

Words of solace, peace of mind?


Forever caught between the winds destined to fall

She’s sealed her heart and built a wall

Carefully, to stop her feel at all

Mit zu viel Kopf den Kopf zerkopft

Kein Blut im Herz auf dass der Schmerz

Den hohlen Stein im Herz zertropft

9. Dean moriarty



Treetops to my feet

Magnificently deep

Brighter than the sun

Another push and I’ll forever be gone

In water, blurred imagery

Is it me? This grim reflection smiling fiendishly

Losing height, falling transcendently


Eyes shut I drift into nothingness

Eyes open I embrace everything

Body trembling, tenderly caressed

In His realm where hands become wings



Spiraling, downward still

Yet I’m climbing up the stairs to eternity

Too strong to pass, too frail too last

Incongruently, I fade away


If you’re trying to fly beyond the sun

Rather not craft your wings from wax




Four letters on my chest:

North, East, South and West

Between the lines: redefined

They all stand for the best

Forever on my chest:

North, East, South and West

No matter where I turn, I will burn

This is for the best


I wish I could be 25 forever

This means so much more to me than money or fame

But, truth be told, we ain’t getting younger

And this will probably remain a dream

In a few years time we will meet again

As parents and members of society

And we will laugh and cry about the time that’s passed

About the frailty of moments and fugacity


Let’s write this song

Let’s live it out

Let’s sing it for the here and now

An elegy for what’s still to come

A requiem for what’s not begun


Four letters on my chest:

North, East, South and West

Between the lines: redefined

They all stand for the best

Forever on my chest:

North, East, South and West

No matter where I turn, I will burn

This is for the best


I know this day will come eventually

And we will go our separate ways

But let’s celebrate that this is not today

Let us sing cause we’re alive

When we leave this stage what will be left of us?

Four letters on my chest


Memories, ink, sweat and tears

This for the best

1. Intro



No Lyrics

2. Plumber’s Choice



This is the first time for us to fight

But not the last time – this is for sure

For ages we’ve been struggling

But still I can’t forget what you’ve done


You stole my princess

Now it’s my duty to conquer your castle

and get her back – my pretty maid – back where she belongs


I’ve got my friends at my back

The turtle-dragon won’t let me down

This is a fight of the Good and the Evil

And in the end the Good always wins


Here we go!

Lady in pink

Sweet little Peach

Capture the flag

Sweet little Peach

3. If Winning Isn’t Everything … ?



Tuning in to MTV

Shadows hollow, venal, dead

This is different – we are different

‚Cause I can feel that you feel that we feel

This is more than money, more than fame

And even more than passion: dedication


We’d give our blood for you to sing along

We need your sweat to play another song

We live this moment, we share it with you

‚Cause music is the reason for what we do


No superficial phrases

No hypocritical lies

I don’t want anyone to fuck with me

Or the words I shout out loud

No image, no dresscode, no fucking attitude

Forget your vanity and focus on the art

‚Cause that’s what it’s all about

4. Proven Wrong



The way you look at me

The way you smile

We don’t need words

They are dispensable

Everything I need is right here next to me

I used to not believe in something like fate

But I guess this was meant to happen to us


Never have I felt this way before

Never has something been as sure as you and me

Our destiny

I used to not believe but you’ve proven me wrong


I want you to know

That I’m not one of those guys

Those dickheads you’ve been with before

I’ll promise to treat you right

‚Cause a princess like you deserves

A knight to protect her, caress her,

and love her, and kiss her, and spoil her,

And I will be that knight


I’m aware of the fact

That there will be an ocean between us

But don’t they say that love can cross borders?

It’s naive to think that this’ll be easy

But don’t they say that hope dies last?

This is worth every step I made